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Flametree Street Park, 33 Flametree Street

Flametree Street park is a simple park located in a quiet, out of the way neighbourhood. It has plenty of trees providing a blanket of shade, a playground, seats, and a wood-fire barbecue, due to be upgraded in the 2015-2016 budge.

Wendon Way Park, 7 Peterson Place

Wendon Way Park is a large park has plenty options for you. Large open spaces to run around in, and a half basket ball court offer room for neighbourly sports, as well as a shaded playground and picnic tables to retreat from the sun. A gentle creek passes nearby, as well does a shared pathway good for cycling on. Additionally, there is an electric barbecue and water bubblers should you get thirsty.

Streisand Drive Park, 99 Streisand Drive

Streisand Drive Park features two separate playgrounds at either end of the park corridor, connected by a footpath with some gentle ramps for those traveling on wheels who tire of a flat path. In addition there are seats, tables, an electric barbecue and bubblers.

Speilberg Street Park, 22 Speilberg Street

Connecting to a network of shared pathway for long walks or bike riding, you can find Speilberg Street Park at the end of a quiet neighborhood. It’s facilities include a half basketball court, playground, electric barbecue, picnic table and water bubbler. Additionally this park has lamps to aid in safety at night.

Sunset Place Park, 19 Sunset Place

Sunset Place Park offers a playground, electric barbecue, picnic table and water bubbler in a quiet neighbourhood. Additionally a row of trees keeps the park shaded in the afternoon, without compromising a decent sized field to run and play in.

Gum Nut Nook, 27 Boulting Street

This peculiarly titled ‘Gum Nut Nook’ is tucked away in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood features a playground, water bubbler, electric barbecue, picnic table, and plenty of seats overlooking the play equipment.

Soames Street Park, 34 Soames Street

Soames Street Park is well treed and features a lot to offer the sporting kind, with both a basketball half court, and cricket net. In addition to this it also has a playground, electric barbecue, picnic tables, bubbler, and is lit to improve night time safety.

Kitto Court Park, 6 Kitto Court

Kitto Court Park quiet park is well shaded from the sun from trees, and features a simple playground and a seat.

Turrbal Place Park, 26 Turrbal Place

Turrbal Place Park is rather quiet located at the back of a modern development and connects to a network of shared footpaths along Cabbage Tree Creek. Under the shade of some trees is a playground, picnic tables, electric barbecue, and water bubbler. Additionally, a new fitness station has been installed.

Kenna Street Park (also knows as John Goss Reserve), 51 Kenna Street

John Goss Reserve is a very popular park, often very busy with lots of children playing and parents catching up with each other. It can be accessed from either Kenna Street, or Maundrell Terrace, with a driveway and carpark accessible from Maundrell Terrace. The Maundrell Terrace side of the park boasts several interesting forts in the playground, lots of seating and picnic tables, electric barbecues, water bubblers, and a disabled access toilet. There is also a dog off-leash area to let your canine buddies run around and make friends in, with a seperate space for smaller dogs. Heading up the hill behind the dog off-leash area heading towards Kenna Street are three cricket fields offering a huge amount of space,, and another toilet at Kenna Street.

Whites Road Park, 751 Hamilton Road

Whites Road Park is conveniently situated at Whites and Hamilton Roads. It features a small playground, picnic table, and wood-fired barbecue.

Martindale Street Park (Tully Lease), 95 Stringybark Drive

Martindale Street Park is situated in a quiet neighbourhood has plenty to offer. A shared footpath runs along Little Cabbage Tree Creek, and sports a fitness trail with different items of exercise equipment along the path. In addition to this you can find here a playground, dog off-leash area, water bubbler, picnic table, and wood-fire barbecue.

Stonycroft Street Park, 25 Stonycroft Street

Stonycroft Street Park can be found in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood. Alongside the playground you can find a picnic table, electric barbecue, and water bubbler.

Ben Lomond Street Park, 74 Ben Lomond Street

Ben Lomond Street park is found alongside Little Cabbage Tree Creek, with a shared pathway connecting to other parks along the creek. For the sportingly minded, there is a basketball half court, and cricket net in the park, as well as a playground.


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